Share Good News

The Utah Tech University Marketing & Communication office (UMAC) loves sharing the accomplishments and happenings of the campus community, and we need your help in notifying us about all the amazing things taking place at Utah Tech. Please take a minute to share your good news with us. Once UMAC has received the news, we’ll determine the best way to share your good news and reach out with more questions or the appropriate form so we can share your news with the world!

UMAC may employ the following tactics to disseminate the information you provide:

UT’s crowd-sourced blog enables the person most knowledgeable and passionate about a news item to submit a fully written blog post and accompanying images to directly reach people who seek information about Utah Tech. Once the Blazer Bulletin post is published, UMAC will share the link with you so you can post it on your social media accounts.

UMAC loves to share accomplishments on Utah Tech’s official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, YouTube and LinkedIn. Good news shared on social media must have high-quality, beautiful photos or videos to post alongside the news. UMAC does not post flyers on social media. UMAC shares campus events for the week every Monday on Facebook and Instagram stories. Events must be submitted 2 weeks ahead of time to be considered for inclusion.

UMAC sends regular emails to Southern Utah media representatives to make them aware of campus happenings and invite them to campus to cover events and accomplishments. Including an upcoming event 2 weeks prior to it happening in a media advisory is a great way to invite reporters to attend your event and create a story about it afterward.

UMAC sends press releases about significant accomplishments and large-scale community events to more than 40 journalists throughout the state. Media outlets determine if they edit and publish the press release, assign the story idea to a journalist to create an original story, or pass on the idea. Requests for press releases announcing large-scale events must be submitted to UMAC 3 weeks prior to the event to allow UMAC time to write the release, the media time to edit the release, and the public time to see the posted article. If you prefer to control the message entirely and ensure it goes out to your intended audience, UMAC can facilitate ad purchases.

UMAC uses Merit software to customizes stories about student successes and accomplishments that are sent to students’ hometown newspapers, high schools, and local government leaders so they can see the great things their students are doing. Student highlights are also created so students and their families can share their accomplishments on social media.

UMAC is always looking for content ideas for articles that are featured in Utah Tech University Magazine as well as various community publications to which UMAC regularly submits.

Banners on the homepage allow university entities to announce noteworthy happenings taking place across campus. In order for University Marketing & Communication to consider displaying items on the University’s homepage, topics must involve large events, general messaging, special announcements, or emergency updates.