Utah Tech University


Design & Branding

Allow the UMAC Design & Branding team to transform your ideas into a strong visual identity that authentically and effectively tells your story. UMAC understands the Utah Tech University brand inside and out, and will employ the full power of the brand while incorporating the strengths of your area to create powerful design concepts.


Public Relations/Media

UMAC’s PR team shares the accomplishments and happenings of the campus community with audiences around the globe through press releases, media advisories, social media posts, Blazer Bulletin blogs, student success stories, magazine articles, and homepage banners. Share your good news with us, and we’ll select the appropriate channels to tout all that you’re doing. All public relations support is free of charge for UT staff and faculty.


Social Media

Complete trainings, register your accounts, and more. UMAC manages Utah Tech’s official accounts and is also willing to consider posting about your campus-related news.



The UMAC photographers and videographers can capture moments that best tell your story. Simple yet powerful, strong visual content can be the most effective way to connect with your audience.


Facility Branding

The Utah Tech campus can be one of our greatest recruiting tools, and creating an inviting and well-branded campus is crucial to our success. UMAC can provide unique facility and branding opportunities to craft appealing and exciting spaces for Utah Tech students and stakeholders.



UMAC offers a variety of rentals for marketing purposes at cost.



The best way to brand is through an organization’s people, and UMAC aims to make it easy to brand UT by offering a variety of swag materials at cost to support you in your marketing efforts.



The UMAC events and promotions team organizes and executes large-scale events at Utah Tech University and opens our campus and facilities to stakeholders and community members around the world. Our events staff is also available to provide consultation and support along with event rentals and swag for other campus events.



The mission of Utah Tech University’s Licensing program is to protect and promote the Utah Tech University brand and to ensure the public can properly identify and associate the institution’s name and logos with officially licensed products bearing official institutional marks.



UMAC produces various publications annually to share the growth, achievements, vision, and mission of Utah Tech University with stakeholders around the globe.