Utah Tech University

Filming on Campus

Set amid the stunning red rocks of picturesque Southern Utah, the Utah Tech University campus is a beautiful location to film. Filming, which includes photo, motion picture, and video recording, is allowed on campus for purposes of the news media, campus events and initiatives (including activities sponsored by student clubs), and personal photography and videography.

Utah Tech student academic projects and commercial projects are allowed with the permission of the University Marketing & Communication Office, which can be obtained by filling out the Filming on Campus Request Form in advance. Please submit the request form as far ahead of the project as possible. Doing so will increase the likelihood that University Marketing & Communication will be able to accommodate the request.

Academic Projects

Students who wish to film on campus in connection with Utah Tech University academic coursework (except for student media coursework, which falls under media guidelines) must submit the Filming on Campus Request Form and adhere to all Guidelines for Filming Student Projects on the Utah Tech University Campus. Faculty approval may be requested for coursework projects.

Students filming projects intended for commercial distribution must follow the procedures outlined below for commercial filming.

Commercial Filming

Utah Tech University welcomes the filming of commercial projects, including TV, movie, documentary, portrait photography, etc., projects, on campus and the University Marketing & Communication office will do its best to accommodate all requests. In order to film on campus, all members of the film crew must adhere to all Guidelines for Filming Commercial Projects on the Utah Tech University Campus. Additionally, before filming can commence, a representative of the crew must the crew must submit the Filming on Campus Request Form and Filming on Campus Agreement.

News Media

Members of the working news media are welcome to film on campus. For assistance with securing sources and locations, please contact the University’s director of public relations at jyl.hall@utahtech.edu or 435-652-7547.

Filming Campus Events and Projects

Photographers and videographers contracted by event organizers are allowed to film events and projects held on campus or organized by official University entities or representatives. Utah Tech University Marketing & Communication office’s professional photography and videography services can be requested here or event organizers are welcome to contract other photographers and videographers.

Personal Photography and Videography

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors alike are always welcome to take photos for their personal use. Including social media work for student clubs. We love seeing your photos; be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or #utahtech.