Utah Tech University



For my bison, I wanted a design that represented the exciting and dynamic atmosphere experienced at Utah Tech University. I was excited to be chosen to do the Trailblazer Nation Bison considering considering I am a UT Alumna. I made sure to stick with the school colors, and it was requested that I use the new Utah Tech logo in my design somewhere. Everything was first drawn in pencil by hand before the paint was applied. I knew the design needed to be vibrant and eye catching. Overall, I feel really happy with the final outcome.

Artist: Tiffany Dewitt

Tiffany Dewitt is a Graphic Designer who enjoys creating art that incorporates bright colors and simple vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist. During her childhood years, Tiffany moved frequently with her family, which allowed her to experience new environments and meet new people. Her early college years were spent in Provo, Utah where she met her husband, Adam, at a country swing dance. In 2015, they relocated to St. George, UT, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Utah Tech University. While attending Utah Tech, Tiffany worked as the graphic designer on the Student Alumni Association and was employed as the graphic designer for Ence Homes. Tiffany worked at Ence Homes until her daughter was born at the end of 2017. Currently, she is a stay at home mom and working from home as a freelance hand lettering artist and mural painter. Most of her free time is spent creating art, practicing yoga, or hiking and exploring Southern Utah with her family.

To connect with Tiffany and see more of her work, visit her website or Instagram.

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