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Become an Artist

Participating in the Trailblazer Art in the City project is a great way for local artists to promote their work, add to the beauty and character of the city, and support DSU. The project is a unique opportunity for any artist, as these Trailblazer pieces will be viewed by millions of people annually.

Although we want you as the artist to have creative liberties, each artist should understand the project is a joint effort between the city, university, the sponsor, and the artist. Each final design concept will be approved by a committee and the sponsor, and some sponsors may have specific ideas in mind for their particular Trailblazer. The sponsors will review the artist applications and select the artist who they feel is the best fit.

In order to apply, you will need:
  • 3 high-quality photos of your artwork that showcase your talents and style
  • 1-3 design concepts for the Trailblazer (written and a basic sketch)
Artists who design a Trailblazer will be featured on:
  • A Trailblazer statue placed in a high-traffic area of St. George
  • A plaque at the sponsored Trailblazer
  • The “Trailblazer Art in the City” website
  • The “Trailblazer Art in the City” virtual map
  • The “Trailblazer Art in the City” maps distributed in local businesses
Artists will receive:
  • $500
  • A plaque on the sponsored Trailblazer
  • Recognition at the Dixie State University Trailblazers Art in the City annual event
  • 2 season tickets for DSU’s Celebrity Concert Series and DocUtah
  • 2 season tickets to DSU’s School of Visual & Performing Arts Productions

Artist Application

Art in the City