Utah Tech University



My bison goes from morning, to night representing the day to day life in St. George. The darkness of our summer nights are just as majestic as our sunny days. We live in an energy vortex protected and created by countless national parks, as a result St. George has a special way of deeply rooting its red sands in the hearts of all who visit, and many who stay.


About the Artist

I could start by saying, “Hi, my name is Ashley.” I could tell you my favorite color is blue, or yellow (I can’t decide), and then I could try to think of my most embarrassing moment or maybe my favorite food, all this of course after telling you the city where I’m from, St George, Utah. BUT, I am not going to do that because it would be boring, and boring is boring, which I am not. Instead, I’ll simply say I am a hipster, with a hippie twist, and an intense girly streak. It’s how someone once described me and I’ve gone with it ever since.

If we’re going to go on, you should know I don’t like change.

Sometimes I am so stoked about everything it’s overwhelming, other times I am so not stoked about everything it’s also overwhelming. They call people like that a romantic.

I believe wanting something makes it practical. Too often we forget to live in this life.

I believe all you need in your first aid kit is wine and yoga.

I believe if it was meant to be, it will come back.

And before this starts to sound like a Savage Garden Remix, I believe in short and sweet.

I hope you follow along with me on my journey. Instagram: @ashleygrafcreative

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