Utah Tech University

Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett is the head photographer and graphic designer here in the UMAC department.

He recently earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts with an emphasis in graphic design with high honors here at Utah Tech University. Scott has worked within the marketing department at UT for more than 2 years. He first started in the department within the internship program.

Scott’s personal photography has been featured as cover art and inside multiple publications over the years. His photography and digital fine art works have received first, second, and third place awards in student art shows while he was a student. In 2014, Scott was named as the photography student of the year at UT.

Scott is happily married to his best friend, Annie, and they have been married for a little over one and a half years with many, many more to follow. Scott originally hails from California, but considers himself a native to Utah. He is also fluent in Spanish after having spent two years in Chile.

Scott’s favorite dessert is anything sweet; he is a big fan of desserts and it would be in poor taste to have to choose between them all. To pass the time, Scott loves to doodle, draw, paint, explore, etc. Living life to the fullest and being happy is part of his philosophy. He is also a huge gamer and loves anything Nintendo, especially with regards to The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. If Scott were to label anything as his pet peeve, it would have to be when people chew gum with their mouths open.