Utah Tech University

Jared Madsen

Jared Madsen is the Creative and Visual Services Director of the UMAC and has a strong background in marketing, graphic design, and production.

Jared was born and raised in St. George and graduated from Utah Tech with a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Technology with an emphasis in Visual Technologies, along with an Associate degree in Applied Science in Graphic Communications.

Jared has worked in the graphic arts/production field for over 20 years and worked on the marketing team at St. George Ford and Wilson Electronics before arriving at UT. From a young age, Jared has been an entrepreneur. At age 16 he started a screen print business with two friends and then owned a window washing business during his college years, while also working as a professional wedding photographer.

Jared was the winner of several awards from the Nation Council for Marketing and Public Relations, including the Medallion, Paragon, District 6 Rising Star, and National Rising Star awards.

Jared began his work at Utah Tech as the Marketing Coordinator in the Public Relations office. He has since built UT’s Creative and Visual Services from the ground up. He supervises a creative team and manages its day-to-day operations. Jared is responsible for all marketing materials distributed by UT and works to protect and strengthen UT’s brand. Through the rebranding of DSC to DSU and then again, from Red Storm to Trailblazers, Jared has been instrumental in rolling out the changes and producing material to better brand the university.

Jared has three daughters. Jared is an outdoorsman who loves hunting and fishing. Outside of work, he breeds and trains Labrador Retrivers for antler, waterfowl, and upland hunting and owns antlerlabradors.com. Jared’s favorite food is rib-eye steak, his favorite candy is Snickers and considers Dr. Pepper to be “liquid gold.”