Utah Tech University

Alex Santiago

Alex Santiago is a photographer & videographer for Utah Tech University’s Marketing & Communication Office.

Alex’s passion for photography started in middle school when his art teacher suggested he start taking photos for his oil painting references. This budding interest and motivation for photography grew even more while living in Malibu, California, where his software engineering career afforded him a chance to tour the world. Then, while working in the film industry, his creativity and love for camera work fully ignited. So, after moving to Southern Utah, Alex decided to turn his passion for photography and videography into a full-time career.

Alex prefers to photograph people over anything else. His unique style comes from a creative use of lighting and editing to bring out more details and contrasts in his photos. He also works to make sure the people he photographs are comfortable so he can capture a vivid glimpse into their true selves.

Alex’s work and creative imagery has appeared in magazines, catalogs, billboards, and advertising campaigns. Some of his clients include Rancho Shocks, Dynomax Exhausts, Ironman STG, Hammer Nutrition, UltrAspire, and CHUMS.