Utah Tech’s fonts were chosen to showcase our personality and create consistency across all mediums. Use Utah Tech’s approved brand fonts in all marketing and communication materials.

Primary Fonts

Utah Tech Font

The Utah Tech font was exclusively designed for Utah Tech University. This font is only available in all caps and is used for headers. It is discouraged to stack the Utah Tech font on top of each other, rather use Altivo as an alternative font for additional levels of content.

Altivo Font

Altivo is a sans serif font that can be used as a header font and/or body copy font. Altivo offers 16 various styles in eight weights.

To download/activate Altivo you must have an adobe account.


Secondary Fonts

Bison Font

Bison is our display font. This font is typically used in headers and for facility branding due to its tall and thin design that allows for maximum size and legibility. This font should not be used in body copy messaging.

To download Bison, you must purchase a license or download a free version with limited styles.



Loretta Font

Loretta is a serif font selected for its simple, clean, and easy-to-read shape. This font is a body copy font.

To download/activate Loretta you must have an adobe account.