Utah Tech University

Heroes Among Us

About the Artist

After his retirement from the Navy, Todd Fowler began studying art under Del Parson and McGarren Flack, which opened a new world for him in self-expression and personal healing. When he put on his headphones and grabbed his brush and newly mixed paints, he easily lost himself in the process of painting, which often felt like a spiritual experience. On each canvas, he tries to pull out emotions he’s personally felt and only work on one small piece at a time until something clicks, and he feels it’s been painted the way it was meant to be. his father stood in front of one of his first paintings and wept. His hope and prayer, is that when others view his work, they will be moved by the same type of emotion.

Fun Fact: It took Todd four months to complete the oil painted bison with the use of only one small paintbrush.


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